Microsoft released Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) in Exchange Online Protection (EOP) in juli 2015. This is a cloud based email filtering service which provides protection for your organisation against unknown malware and virusses.


Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection is included in Office 365 E5. Other Office 365 and Exchange online customers can add this service to their plans as a standalone service. Check this website for more information:

Recently there was a update on this service, Advanced threat protection for safe attachments and safe links.

Safe attachments is a feature that opens every unknown supported file type attachment in a special hypervisor environment before anti-virus signatures are available. You can check this link: Set up a safe attachments policy in EOP.

Safe links is a feature that helps prevent users from following links in email that link to web sites recognized as malicious. Safe links also includes a advances reporting capability. Check this link: Set up a safe links policy in EOP.

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